The benefits are many and will vary depending on your hair and the challenges you have. For some it will radically reduce frizz, for others, it will de-bulk, increase manageability, soften texture, increase shine, decrease drying time, strengthen and even repair damaged hair. The benefits are so broad, which is why this is a treatment for the very many and not just a select few. One benefit which is completely universal is that it strengthens hair from deep within the bonds, creating a solid foundation of healthy hair, allowing you to start a new, and better relationship with your hair.

The nice and smooth treatment contains some incredible technology and ingredients: carbocysteine, sunflower oil, linseed oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, argan oil, rosemary leaf extract and hydrolysed wheat protein. It is formulated to not only deeply nourish each strand but to build and strengthen each strand on a foundational level.

Yes, unless you have damaged hair that simply would not be able to take the heat during the infusing stage. We would then recommend that you use the miracle masque and fight damage shot for 1-2 months to build up the internal strength of your hair before having the nice and smooth treatment.

No. Absolutely, 100%, categorically, in no way is this like keratin, Brazilian straightening treatments. Let’s explain this one…

Traditional Brazilian, keratin, straightening treatments work on the outside of the hair and use an ingredient called formaldehyde to encapsulate each strand which over time hardens. The damage that was before, is still there, just hidden. The outside looks shiny and sleek, but the inside is what it was before. Now, without going into the scary thought of using formaldehyde on your hair, and you and your stylist having to inhale its toxins, in short traditional Brazilians are a styling product, giving the appearance of straight hair for a longer period.

Smoothing is something very different. The team behind The Hair Movement is the same team that pioneered professional smoothing and introduced carbocysteine technology. 

Smoothing is a foundational treatment, and with a strong foundation, everything performs, looks and feels better. From your guests colour service to their blow-dry. The Nice and Smooth® in-salon treatment is the most advanced and affordable treatment available.

The Nice and Smooth® treatment resets the internal integrity and strength of your hair. Once that’s done, it’s done. When the next treatment is needed, will depend on your hair habits: what products you use, your lifestyle, environmental damage, water type, where you live etc. Based on an average, we do however recommend every 12 weeks.

For two reasons. The nice and smooth product is less expensive for the salon to buy in, and thanks to the formulation, the application is much more effective, requiring less hands-on time for the stylist. These savings are passed on to you, the guest.

This is a really good question. We use heat to activate the bond building part of the treatment, which allows it to infuse with the sulfate bonds in your hair and strengthening them. To get an even temperature we use flat irons to do this, which results in straight hair on the day. Once you wash it (after 48 hours) your hair will have volume and body, or any other style you want.  If you have curly hair, your curls will be back, just softer and more defined.

Always apply colour at least 48 hours after a treatment, as colour can lift. The treatment is partly working with the sulfate bonds, which sits under colour pigmentation. If you were to colour your hair before, the treatment could lift that pigmentation. The recommendation is to book Nice and Smooth® into your colour cycle, getting a Nice and Smooth® 3 weeks before their colour, every other colour cycle (every 12 weeks). Your colour will pop even more as the layer it sits on has been treated. 

During the Nice and Smooth® treatment, in order for it to work, the hair is taken to a low pH level to then be neutralised and brought back to the hairs natural pH value. As with a perm, we want to let it rest for 48 hours. The hair can still get wet, styled and everything else, just avoid shampooing for 48 hours. 

You will go home with a 100ml shampoo and conditioner, as well as a 20ml miracle masque from The Hair Movement. The key is to use quality shampoos with ingredients that will help prolong the health of your hair. You’ve invested in your hair, now maintain it with the right products. All our products are of course SLS and Paraben free as well as cruelty-free, vegan and packaged using 100% recycled UK plastic.

You can cut it before the treatment, during the treatment, maybe right after the miracle masque step, or  just after the treatment. Or maybe a few weeks before the treatment, when you’re having your colour done. It all very much depends on you and your stylist. Freedom!

Dead ends will stick out like a sore thumb. They’ll weigh the hair down and dull the finished look and feel. The only thing that can be done with dead-ends is cut them off. Using products to try and masque them will just create more damage in the long run. With the nice and smooth treatment, you are starting a new relationship with your hair, so start without those dead-ends.

For 2-5 shampoos after the treatment there can be an aroma when the hair is wet (vanishes once dry). This is a combination of the hydrolysed wheat and residue of the carbocysteine still at work. 


It’s your hair, so you can do what you like, but we like to see this as an opportunity to hit the hair reset button. Having a Nice and Smooth® could be the first step of your new hair journey. It’s a conscious choice to end ‘bad hair habits’ and start a new healthier relationship with your hair. It’s a complete hair reset. That means looking at your hair from a holistic point of view. What you products you use, how you style it, and how you generally nurture your hair. 

So many! Nice and Smooth® will radically reduce frizz, it will de-bulk, increase manageability, soften texture, increase shine, decrease drying time, strengthen and repair damaged hair. 

This is a foundational smoothing treatment that repairs and strengthens damaged and weakened bonds. Having healthy hair on a foundational level means reduced frizz, increased elasticity and shine, as well as increased manageability and the benefit of reduced drying time. No magic, no masking, just internal health and strength. 

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