Travel Size 100ml

Individual Size 250ml

Our Fight the Frizz Anti-Frizz Spray will change your haircare routine – forever. A couple of sprays and voilà. Watch the frizz and fly-always slowly disappear. With an artistry balance of ingredients, there’s nothing quite like it.


Starting with Water Lily, a pure water plant that works wonders to build keratin, thicken strands, remove impurities, create shine, tame frizz and increase manageability. Followed by organic Coconut. A hero ingredient loved by hair for its ability to nourish, smooth and tame unwanted frizz. 


And in our pursuit for hair perfection, we’ve added a blend of Arabian Coffee extract. Sourced from organic beans, this will help build keratin, increase elasticity and leave your hair feeling fuller and even more voluminous. And if the warm, sweet, rich aroma of Vanilla wasn’t enough, this health thumping ingredient has been added to stimulate your follicles. Promoting stronger hair, at the foundation and root. 


It’s a declaration of love to healthy hair wanting to live a life free from frizz. 

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