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Slide In 1929, our grandfather Jack Shipman brought the first blow-dries to Wales, and after three generations in the industry we, Jonathan, Marc and Benjamin Shipman founded The Hair Movement. It’s a culmination of our combined passion, experience and drive to make both haircare and the overall consumer experience better, and yes we tend to do things in a slightly different way, which is how we came to pioneer the professional smoothing category many years ago.

But, The Hair Movement isn’t just a brand. It’s a living, breathing and forever changing entity, which will constantly strive to improve. What we launch with now isn’t what we will have in 12 months time. We’ll be adding new exciting products in 2020 and we’ll always review our packaging in order to stay ahead of the game, providing the most eco friendly packaging with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

With a five star flagship salon outside London we constantly have two fingers on the pulse. Together with an incredible tribe of stylists and with real guests, we’re constantly fine tuning products before launch, which ensures that our ranges are of salon quality, developed for you by hairdressers.

The Hair Movement is a British family business, and after three generations in the industry, we believe in a few simple truths about providing quality haircare. It needs to be simple to understand and it needs to do what it says on the bottle, all whilst being formulated with the best ingredients that nature and science have to offer. And that in a nutshell is The Hair Movement.

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