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  • To cut or not to cut?

    That is the question.  In doing some research into what topics to hit on for a new blog post, I’ve noticed on Twitter that the ultimate question is whether to cut your hair off or not.  It seems that people not only ask their friends and family, they take to the strangers of the internet for an honest opinion.  To cut a long post short (see what I did there?), only you can decide whether to cut or not to cut your hair.  I can only help you asses the pros and cons of this decision, and that my friends is what today’s post will entail.

    Without delving into the deep-rooted psychology of the matter, the first question I would ask anyone that comes to me with this dilemma is; “why?”.  If you are just fed up with your hair, a drastic change is not always the answer.  Let’s go through a few of the most common reasons and analyse them.

    “I’ve had long hair for ages, it’s time for a change.”

    This is probably my favourite reason; it usually leads to a super-fun creative haircut.  If you’ve swapped between long and short hair in the past then it’s far less daunting chopping it all off.  I feel like this is one of the most valid reasons and one that honestly stumps me.  If you don’t struggle to manage your hair and you’ve been considering it for more than 24 hours then go for it!  Ideally, I’d want to see more than one image of your ideal new look to show that you have actually been considering it.   If you can’t find at least 5 images of something you like then maybe just buy a new lipstick instead.

    “I can’t do anything with it.”

    How long has it been since your last hair cut? Were you managing it well when it was freshly cut?  If so, you just need it cutting back into shape.  It’s actually quite surprising what a difference half an inch off can make to the manageability of your hair.  If, however this has always been the case then yes, it probably is time for a change.  It may not need to be drastic, but enough to make it manageable.  If you’re not sure how often you should have your hair cut refer to my post on other commonly asked hair questions.

    “I’ve had a bad week.”

    Okay, this one covers a bit more than just that.  If you’ve recently come out of a relationship, started a new diet, job or had any big changes in life, then don’t do it.   Changing your hair style is one of the easiest things to do.  It’s cheaper than a complete wardrobe over haul.  It’s also something you put in someone else’s hands, so it’s a bit easier to do spur of the moment.  Everyone goes through life’s ups and downs, but you just have to ride that wave.  Don’t make any changes to your appearance that you may regret when you come out of the dark period.  It will pass, and you will only associate your new look to bad times.  Change your hair when you’re happy and it will remind you of that feeling every time you see a photo of it or catch your gorgeous new reflection in a shop window.

    “But what if… It doesn’t suit me?”

    So many people question their decision to go for a chop because they just assume it will be a bad idea.  But it doesn’t have to be.  A huge reason holding people back is suitability.  A lot of people think short hair won’t suit them.  It makes me sad in my heart the number of times someone has sat in my chair and said their face is ‘too fat’ or their chin ‘too pointy’ or any other put down.  We all have features we don’t enjoy, my job as a hairdresser is to flatter the features you love.

    Everyone has a different face shape; a hairdresser’s job is to analyse this for you and work out what shape they need to create to best compliment this.  Don’t worry about suitability when you are looking at styles.  You are your own worst critic so may find you discard something that could be made to suit you because you feel otherwise.  Take loads of images to your stylist when you go to discuss it with them.

    “But what if… I regret it?”

    It’s also an incredibly liberating experience, as I said above though, you shouldn’t do it because you want to feel better during a bad time.  It should be done as something to elevate a happy time in your life.  If you’ve just lost that weight you’ve been trying to lose for months, or just landed your dream job.  These are great times for a change.  When you look back on your Instagram it will be “Oh, that was that great time in my life.”  As opposed to “Oh, that was a dark time, I hate that look.”

    Manageability is a huge factor in this as well.  As I’ve already touched on, changing your look because you aren’t able to style it is a very valid reason for a change.  However! You should discuss this with your stylist in detail.  If you have very unruly hair, cutting it shorter may actually make the situation worse.

    “But what if… My partner doesn’t like it?”

    Dump them.  Seriously, don’t let anyone dictate your look.  Be it a friend or partner.  Confidence is the most attractive thing; with it you can carry anything.  If you have found a style you love and that suits you then enjoy it.


    As I said at the beginning – only you can make the final decision on whether to cut or not cut your hair off.  It can be the best thing you’ve ever done and you’ll never look back.  It could inspire you to change your look on a regular basis.  Or it could just make an unmanageable haircut, manageable.  The key to any big change is making sure you do it at the right time and for the right reason.

    If it’s not right, it can be disastrous and you will find yourself spending 6 months willing your hair to grow.  So, if after reading this post of my attempts to understand the neurosis involved in such decisions you remain unsure; just go buy a new outfit to pick yourself up instead.

    ‘Til next time, leave us a comment below and let us know your hair woes.

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