We are a rule breaking and change making haircare distribution company founded by brothers Jonathan, Marc and Benjamin Shipman, who are are third generation in the industry. The ingredients of the movement are simple; love of passionate people, love of quality products and a deep routed love for this incredible industry we choose to call home.


The Hair Movement was created for salons that want something different. Want to be treated differently. Offer their clients something different. Keep their team fired up and passionate. Trained. Adaptable. We are for salons that want what we want; to move the industry forward in a new way. We are for the few renegades out there who are tired of the ‘same old same old’ and share our deep love for this industry.


How do we do it? First off, and this is an important one. We work with people we like and and can laugh with, but who are also brilliant at what they do. Life is way too short, and work should be fun. Lets just say, its a family thing. Together with the right people we carefully select brands that ‘do it’ for us. We know that if we love ’em, then likeminded professionals will love ‘em too. Be it a colour brand that is insanely meticulous about each and every ingredient used in formulation, allowing stylists to achieve unparalleled depth and colour creations. Or, the sharpest. most well balanced, finely tuned cutting tools available to mankind.


With the right people and the best of brands, the rest is easy, organic even. Salons that partner with us, fall in love. From that love comes success. Simple, but oh so true.

Our people are the bonds and cortex of The Hair Movement  [ see what we did there ]. With the right people come the right ideas, the best of brands, the most effective support and the greatest of success – and they are completely and utterly infectious.

We don’t strive to be different, we just are. Could be thanks to our diverse background. Or the family values that make up our DNA. Or simply because we don’t compromise on the term ‘great’. Whatever way, it works for us, and more importantly, it works for you.

Here, when choosing brands we follow three simple rules. Firstly, brand values are in keeping with ours. Secondly, best performing products. And thirdly, when using the products, we get a warm-fuzzy explosion in our gut. If we get it, we know you will too.

We know that human potential is at the heart of everything. We nurture this fact by creating opportunities for growth, change and progression. This philosophy trickles down and spreads right the way through the movement. This is how change happens.

“We would definitely recommend working with

The Hair Movement”